Women’s Self Defense Course

In a recent survey 51.9% of women interviewed have been the victim of a physical assault as an adult. 17% of women surveyed reported having been a victim of a sexual assault. Refuse to be a victim now. In this non-firearm class, you will learn how to defend yourself and become a hard target regardless of your physical stature. You will learn the following self-defense techniques;

  • How to stop an attack before it begins
  • The “Power of Hello”
  • Breaking a Grip
  • Pressure point control
  • Legal requirements of using force
  • Deployment of Pepper Spray
  • Strikes

This class is taught on the principal of keeping everything simple so that it can be retained and used under high stress. Each student will receive an ASP Key Defender (a $35 value) along with the knowledge to use it and other techniques to stay safe.

This course is taught by Jonathon Carver. Jonathon is a United States Army Combat Veteran and full time Police Officer. Come take advantage of his years of training in unarmed defense and suspect control tactics.

Thank you for your interest in our Women’s Self Defense Course. Everything you need will be provided. We will be practicing strikes and other force options during this become a hard target class so please dress appropriately for moderate physical activity. The class will take place inside. Please be sure to inform the instructor if you have any conditions which limit your ability to participate. Thank you again for training with us, we look forward to having you in class.

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