Vehicle Defense Course

Our vehicles. We drive them, live out of them, love them, eat in them and at times must fight in and around them. 80 percent of deadly force encounters happen at the door of the victim’s vehicle. In recent years there has been countless stories of people dragged from their vehicles during protest, car jacked and even kidnapped. If you and your family were placed in this position, would you know how to survive?

Vehicle Defense class introduces students to the concepts, tactics, and mechanics of weapons employment both from the interior of an automobile and within its immediate vicinity. Students will utilize simulated munitions in real-world scenarios to develop sound strategies for the effective, efficient, and legally justified elimination of rapidly evolving threats in dynamic and fluid situations.

Subjects covered include:

  • Avoiding/Defeating Attempted Carjackings
  • Immediate Actions in Meeting Engagements with Civil Unrest, Crowds & Roadblocks
  • Hard Points and Use of Vehicle for Cover
  • Deflection – Ballistics and Projectile Behavior Against Intermediate Barriers & Hard Points
  • Drawing from Concealment from Interior of Vehicle
  • Weapons Employment with Passengers Present
  • Interior and Exterior Movement
  • Review of Deadly Force and Justification
  • Legal aspects and Ramifications of Lethal Force Involving a Vehicle
  • Live Fire Simunitions Training Scenarios

 This course will be physical tasking requiring you to crawl around inside and out of the vehicle along with running short distances. Please consider this before registering for this course. Force of force training will also be done as part of this training.

What you should bring: Appropriate clothing (thicker long-sleeve shirts or sweat shirt and long trousers). Student’s clothing will be struck by simulated munitions marker rounds so please wear articles you don’t mind having marked up. You will need a good pair of tactical gloves that will both protect your hands and allow you to operate a pistol effectively. All other PPE andTraining Guns will be provided.

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Firearm Training

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